At a Glance

With a successful track record of solving the most-complex logistics challenges of top OEMs, Comprehensive Logistics, it’s safe to say, knows a thing or two about helping customers get the best from their supply chains. Streamlined processes, cost take-outs, and efficiencies gained are just some of the benefits our customers have realized, enabling their complex supply chains to perform at peak levels.

How has Comprehensive Logistics built—and continues to build—this pedigree?

  • Comprehensive Logistics is a recognized leader in warehouse, dedicated shuttle, transportation, and yard management solutions.
  • Comprehensive Logistics’ dynamic leadership and dedicated engineering, IT, launch, operational, and support teams have decades of experience in the automotive, transportation, and logistics industries.
  • Training is a top priority at Comprehensive Logistics, thousands of people receive hours of training and certifications to perform and deliver the highest quality standards in high-volume, just-in-time (JIT) OEM warehouse and manufacturing support operations.
  • A geographical footprint encompasses more than 5 million square feet of value-added warehouse and sub-assembly space.
  • Comprehensive Logistics is the No. 1 logistics and contract manufacturing provider to two of North America’s largest automotive OEMs, and provides services to Tier-1 OEM automotive suppliers as well as select Fortune 500 industrial OEMs.
  • Highly engineered and well-planned implementations ensure on-time, on-budget start-ups, seamless transitions, and performance metrics that deliver what Comprehensive Logistics promises.
  • Two decades of consistent organic growth featuring a strong balance sheet, and investing in growth with customers validate the financial strength and stability of Comprehensive Logistics.
  • Comprehensive Logistics is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 9001:2016 certified.
  • Continuous improvement is ingrained throughout Comprehensive Logistics’ culture. Driving out costs and improving efficiencies for optimal performance on a continual basis are linchpins at every one of our operations.
  • A proven warehouse management system (WMS) developed specifically for OEM applications enables full lot-level track-and-trace capability and Web-based visibility, from inbound receipt to JIT final delivery.