The Comprehensive Logistics Difference

In today’s logistics environment, third-party logistics (3PL) providers are constantly being asked, “Why should we entrust you with our business?”

Comprehensive Logistics understands this concern. And knows that the question of “why” deserves nothing less than a clearly articulated answer as to why we are different.

So, why Comprehensive Logistics?

  • We focus on OEMs. Comprehensive Logistics’ performance exceeds world-class standards. Our management and many members of our engineering, IT, launch, operations and support teams have significant experience in the industries Comprehensive Logistics serves; as a result, we’re more agile and responsive, able to develop and apply solutions that are best suited to our customers’ needs.
  • We engineer everything we do. Comprehensive Logistics literally engineers all aspects of a customer’s operation to optimize performance, create efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Comprehensive Logistics’ highly engineered processes and control methodology align with a “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP). Through in-depth analysis of factors, such as facility location and layout, material flows, work instructions, and scope changes, we document and manage every part from supplier release to the end user. With PFEP, Comprehensive Logistics defines and manages information about each part, including its source, how it’s purchased and received, its weight and dimensions, how it’s packaged, stored and delivered, and its consumption rate and rate variability.

  • Our proven teams ensure seamless transitions and precision launches. With dedicated, cross-functional, multidisciplinary launch teams and project timeline execution using Master Dot methodology, Comprehensive Logistics is agile enough to launch multiple turnkey operations simultaneously and can “go live” in as little as 90 days.
  • We deliver in the most demanding environments. Comprehensive Logistics has proven strength in meeting the highest OEM quality standards and implementing our solutions within stringent deadlines. Comprehensive Logistics’ inventory accuracy is 99.97 percent, and our on-time delivery rate is 99.4 percent. In addition, our relentless commitment to quality has resulted in a Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) of less than 4, exceeding world-class quality standards.
  • We don’t settle for the status quo. Comprehensive Logistics’ continuous-improvement culture drives the systematic elimination of waste and variation throughout the entire operation, ensures superior levels of productivity and efficiency, and uncovers opportunities for cost and service improvements. In fact, each Comprehensive Logistics facility is required to complete two continuous-improvement projects and six preventative actions annually.
  • We are financially strong. Comprehensive Logistics has enjoyed exceptional financial performance since its founding in 1995. Our consistent, year-over-year double-digit revenue growth has created a strong balance sheet to invest in growth with customers and secure capital through a diverse range of financial partnerships. Comprehensive Logistics’ non-asset/asset-light structure not only reduces risks but also ensures that investment in resources is made in our customers’ best interests, not ours.
  • Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides superior supply chain intelligence. Comprehensive Logistics’ proprietary STREME™ WMS was developed by in-house warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing process experts specifically for high-complexity, high-volume OEM applications. In other words, a perfect fit for our customers. STREME coordinates all material flow movements with an extremely high level of accuracy, providing full lot-level traceability, from inbound receipt to final delivery, 24/7 from any Web-enabled device. As a stand-alone platform, STREME easily adapts to customer requirements for faster deployments and lower IT costs and highly adaptable for EDI integration with many recognized ERP brands and without specialized technical engagements.
  • We take care of you on the road and in the yard. Timeliness, accuracy, and dependability are things OEMs shouldn’t have to worry about when it comes to transporting and receiving the parts they need. For dedicated, closed-loop shipments, Comprehensive Logistics’ dedicated shuttle management solution applies an engineered approach to ensure accurate resources for each OEM plant and optimal packouts (cube optimization) of shuttle shipments to maximize efficiency. Because we know each customer’s requirements, we’ll assign the right number of tractors, trailers, and drivers to ensure on-time deliveries. Beyond the warehouse, Comprehensive Logistics implements yard management solutions that optimize the movement of equipment, inventory, and labor resources for smooth material flow supporting OEM assembly plant operations.