For years, Comprehensive Logistics (CLI) has embraced technology tools, virtual meetings, business intelligence and adaptive project planning for positioning of people and resources to quickly respond to unplanned events. Our engineered operations are a cultural practice for CLI. In today’s COVID-19 environment, CLI facilities managers and the senior leadership team are applying tech-tools and familiar processes to protect the workforce and assure service performance.

It’s a new day of health vigilance for people, business and our shared environment.
Our customers rely on us to serve them with reliable performance, we continue to perform by cultivating our mutual understanding on how we operate safely. We develop safety protocols instinctively, dedicating our efforts to the health of our team, their families and communities in which we operate.

– Brian Hume, chief operating officer for Comprehensive Logistics

Healthy protection initiatives
At all CLI operations, in addition to PPE, we have added social distancing markers, extra sanitizing, visual aids, signage, detailing safety processes and precautions to prevent contamination. Applying a “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” philosophy to operations includes; increased lunchroom spacing, markings on floors leading to convergence points such as doorways, dock-doors and timeclocks. Continually sanitized styluses for touch screen devices, staggered break times, and streamlined shift changes to adhere to distancing measures. To shorten team meetings, we send general information via text, prior to shift starts to worker phones.

It’s about protection of the workforce, yes, but to be more encompassing, it’s about people

leaving work as healthy as when they arrived. So, the larger picture is about protecting the individual and our interconnected communities for the sake of people’s health, first and foremost. It’s through worker protection that we can ensure service performance and business continuity.

– Pat Brugger, vice president of quality and materials management for Comprehensive Logistics

We engage our business partners, regional, state and federal government health resources
Centralized procurement and corporate sharing of safety materials between facilities (masks, safety glasses, shields, gloves, sanitizer, thermometers, etc.) ensures ample safety supplies for the workforce. We have a common process for truck drivers’ pick-ups or deliveries, a no-contact paperwork process and remote check-in has been instituted for driver health and safety. Truckers routinely make multiple stops daily and they must be protected. Shuttle drivers and forklift drivers operate continually sanitized equipment.

For our customers
We work every day to avoid disruptive events impacting supply chain networks. COVID-19 is a supply chain disruptor. We battle together to return to a new-normal manufacturing operational cadence. We share information immediately and collaborate to validate our understanding and interpretation of state and federal laws. Our defined compliant processes and established IT systems keep the team synchronized with documentation and shared resources to ensure performance targets are met.

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