Truck and Bus Manufacturers

OEMs Hitch Supply Chain Needs to Comprehensive Logistics

Producing from roughly $16 billion of revenue in 2009 to $21 billion in 2014, truck and bus OEMs have reason to be bullish, given the growth in the various manufacturing, construction, and retail sectors as well as investments in public school transportation systems.

In the trucking industry alone, a sharp increase in freight activity and lower fuel prices have paved the way for motor carriers to invest in new truck purchases.

Improved Truck and Bus OEM Supply Chains

With the current and anticipated growth for both industries comes higher expectations for improved supply chain performance. Practical supply chain management will be vital, as truck and bus OEMs work with their customers to determine more-precise demand forecasts and, therefore, manage inventory and manufacturing support more effectively.

Comprehensive Logistics can help these truck and bus OEMs maximize the value of their supply chains by combining precision engineered solutions with a control methodology to create efficiencies and drive out costs.

Backed by logistics experts who work in OEM warehouse and manufacturing support environments, Comprehensive Logistics provides the breadth of services critical to helping truck and bus OEMs achieve their supply chain objectives:

Supporting its holistic solution-development approach with innovative technologies, quality management, and Lean continuous improvement principles, Comprehensive Logistics can provide the expertise to help truck and bus OEMs sustain traction in their supply chains and deliver the results to keep everything running smoothly.