• Closed-loop process

    Closed-loop process

  • Engineered for<br />accurate resource<br />deployment

    Engineered for
    accurate resource

  • Optimal truckload<br />packouts

    Optimal truckload

  • Dedicated company<br />assets

    Dedicated company


Transportation - Dedicated Shuttle Management

Consumer demand drives automotive and industrial OEMs’ need for a continuous flow of parts delivered just in time to their assembly plants. If those parts aren’t delivered on time, it can set off a series of negative consequences: production delays, followed by products failing to get to market in a timely fashion.

In the world of logistics, transportation is the vital artery that controls the flow of material between manufacturers and vendors. The lack of a dedicated shuttle management plan can disrupt schedules, jeopardize order-to-delivery times, and create a ripple of consequences throughout the supply chain.

So ask yourself: Are your parts being consistently delivered on time to meet manufacturing schedules and consumer demand? Can you review a daily history of events to identify the source of potential delays? How confident are you in the shuttle management company responsible for transporting these critical just-in-time parts between your contract manufacturing warehouse and the assembly plant and back again, managing reusable containers and racks?