Dedicated Shuttle Management Approach

Comprehensive Logistics gets down to the basics—what are the OEM customer’s needs and when do they need it—to deliver highly engineered, dedicated shuttle management services for the exacting demands of today’s automotive and industrial OEMs. We build truckload shipments to the customer’s specific requirements in the most efficient fashion while providing consistent on-time service. OEM customers get the consistency and dependability they need to ensure parts are delivered just in time to meet production schedules.

  • Closed-loop process
    • Bulk parts and parts requiring value-added sequencing and contract manufacturing services are delivered just in sequence (JIS)/just in time (JIT) to the assembly plant
    • Empty containers/racks are returned from the assembly plant to the warehouse for reuse
  • Hauls use same trailer, same product, and same container types
  • Engineered based on when and how product is needed:
    • Quantities
    • Distance of haul
    • Product sizes/weights
    • Packouts

Professionally Engineered

You have product-level expectations to meet, timelines with which to comply, and a lot riding on your ability to deliver.

So that trip from the manufacturing-support warehouse to your assembly plant means, in a word, everything.

But with your responsibilities being diverted in so many directions, it can be challenging to keep an eye on all the moving parts.

Comprehensive Logistics provides that extra set of “eyes” that is so integral to keeping supply chains efficiently moving and customers satisfied.

It all starts with Comprehensive Logistics’ engineered approach. We analyze the data, considering variables such as what parts and quantities are needed, how often they’re needed, the sizes and weights of the products, and the distance between the manufacturing-support warehouse and the assembly plant, to determine the optimal truckload packout and fewest number of trips to meet production schedules.

Comprehensive Logistics develops engineered implementation plans, which detail the resources needed, including the number of tractors, trailers, and drivers.

These resource requirements are driven by:

  • Volume between the manufacturing support-warehouse and the assembly plant.
  • Unload time.
  • Transit time.
  • Manufacturing plant hours of operation.
  • Special equipment needed (drop decks, securement devices).

Comprehensive Logistics dedicates company assets to each customer, thereby providing a clearly defined cost structure and better control of assets, ensuring reliable, cost-effective service.

Comprehensive Logistics integrates continuous improvement into every shuttle management plan to maximize resources, generate efficiencies, and reduce costs while still meeting expectations.

A Constant State of Measurement

On the surface, 99 out of 100—in anything—symbolizes excellence.

However, when it comes to the on-time delivery of parts, 99 percent won’t cut it with Comprehensive Logistics. The failure of any singular supply chain event can be very disruptive to a manufacturing operation.

Comprehensive Logistics deploys a transportation management system (TMS) to pinpoint each event—When did the truck depart the warehouse? When did it arrive at the OEM’s assembly plant? When was it unloaded? When did it leave the dock?—to manage exceptions and reveal inefficiencies.

Comprehensive Logistics’ continuous measurement ensures quick problem identification and resolution—whether a dock problem, an issue with a driver, or a more holistic problem—while identifying opportunities for improvement.

When dedicated closed-loop shuttle transportation is required to support the manufacturing needs of automotive and industrial OEMs, Comprehensive Logistics can:

  • Increase efficiencies of inter-facility shipments.
  • Improve transit times.
  • Improve space utilization in the warehouse.

Shuttles by Location

Location Daily Shuttles
GM: Lordstown, OH 250
GM: Lansing, MI 120
Ford: Avon Lake, OH 55
Ford: Cleveland, OH 10
Ford: Dearborn, MI 150
Ford: Chicago Heights, IL 25
John Deere: East Moline, IL 100
Total Daily CLI Shuttles 710