• Industry-leading,<br />proprietary WMS

    proprietary WMS

  • Developed for high-<br />complexity, high-volume<br />OEM applications

    Developed for high-
    complexity, high-volume
    OEM applications

  • Tracks continuous<br />flow of every part

    Tracks continuous
    flow of every part

  • Real-time visibility from<br />Web-enabled devices

    Real-time visibility from
    Web-enabled devices


STREME WMS/Order Management

STREME™—The “X Factor”

What’s in your warehouse management system (WMS)?

Sure, it likely tracks inventory and its movement in the warehouse.

But can it visually pinpoint the exact movement of inventory on its way for just in time (JIT) delivery on an outbound trailer? Does it have animated dashboards? How about tracking incoming orders, measuring metrics in real time, and providing ongoing systems validation and control?

STREME, Comprehensive Logistics’ proprietary, Web-enabled WMS, raises the bar . . . and then some.

STREME was developed by Comprehensive Logistics’ warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing process experts specifically for high-complexity, high-volume OEM applications. In other words, a perfect fit for our OEM customers and their demanding supply chains and JIT-driven manufacturing environments. STREME coordinates all material flow movements with an extremely high level of accuracy and provides 24/7 visibility from any Web-enabled device.

STREME provides full track-and-trace capability, from inbound receipt to JIT final delivery, giving Comprehensive Logistics’ OEM customers access to item-level details and complete transparency into intricate, real-time logistics processes for any commodity or service.

STREME Features

  • ERP systems integration
    • ERP connectivity with industry standard EDI protocols
    • ERP technical specialization not required
    • Fully customizable
  • Order management functionality
    • Comprehensive Logistics-developed “order intake” technology lets every location set up numerous tunnels for customized files
    • Consistent picking of orders
  • Item-level details and real-time processes for any commodity or service
    • Groups parts by commodity
    • Tracks real-time performance (incoming orders, metrics reporting, time stamping)
  • Modules for all warehouse core processes (receive, store, pick, add value, ship)
  • Ongoing systems validation and control
  • No system audits necessary
  • Proactive systems monitoring
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Historical data storage/retrieval in secure backup systems/locations