System-managed Solution

Fueling Comprehensive Logistics’ transportation management solution is an industry-leading transportation management system (TMS). With an easy-to-use interface and application integration, this TMS allows us to rapidly respond to the most-challenging shipping and delivery requirements.

With this TMS, Comprehensive Logistics:

  • Delivers multiple services with a single scalable platform.
  • Rapidly onboards new customers.
  • Negotiates rates and selects the optimal carrier.
  • Simultaneously optimizes inbound and outbound shipments globally.
  • Provides control tower visibility and decision support.
  • Allocates fully landed costs, audit and pay invoices, and pay commissions.
  • Relies on powerful analytics and reporting.
  • Configures workflows, user roles, and interfaces.

In addition, the TMS automatically monitors regulatory compliance information, such as Department of Transportation (DOT)-specific data, insurance requirements, coverage areas, and carrier points of contacts, and stores it in the database. Safety ratings and proper insurance coverage for each carrier are reviewed regularly. Carriers that are out of compliance in any area are inactivated from our system until they meet the proper requirements.

As a result, shippers enjoy the benefits of:

  • Seamless EDI integration.
  • Information transparency.
  • Transactional efficiency.
  • Access to real-time information.
  • Operational integration.
  • Error avoidance.