Reusable Container Management

Comprehensive Logistics’ reusable container management services include receiving and unloading inbound shipments, data input, inspecting, cleaning, repairing, sorting, inventorying, picking, loading, customizing visibility reports, and managing outbound shipments back to suppliers.

Closed-Loop Reusable Container Management Model

We employ a closed-loop reusable container management model, in which inbound shipments from suppliers are managed as round-trip shipments. Empty staged containers are systematically back-loaded on inbound trailers to be returned to the appropriate suppliers. We manage this process through pre-defined algorithms to define routing locations and schedules determined by container type.

Comprehensive Logistics sorts, stages, and routes reusable racks and containers per the container OEM/vendor statements of work. Empty container schedules are created jointly based on each vendor’s shipping schedule. We work with each vendor to monitor their containers in the loop and measure and report on compliance to the container schedule. When insufficient quantities exist, Comprehensive Logistics issues and tracks authorizations to use alternatives.

Operating Plan Keys Solution for Automotive OEMs
and Agricultural Equipment OEMs

Through our end-to-end reusable container management solution, automotive OEMs and agricultural equipment OEMs gain complete visibility to critical details, including most recent ship date and quantity, last day shipped to the supplier for that supplier’s containers, quantity delivered in the last 30 days, and quantity in transit.

The key to Comprehensive Logistics’ reusable container management solution is an operating plan that we develop in collaboration with our automotive OEM and agricultural equipment OEM customers; this plan details the quantity of containers that need to be returned to each supplier on a weekly basis. To determine the most efficient way to move loads and packouts, we use an optimization module within the transportation management system (TMS), and incorporate this into the operating plan. Each week, Comprehensive Logistics builds loads using templates generated from this plan.

Comprehensive Logistics creates custom documents that are automatically emailed to customers at established timeframes and events. Our proprietary Web-enabled WMS, STREME™, provides customers with 24/7 visibility to item-level details and real-time reporting from any Web-enabled device from inbound receipt to final delivery. As a result, automotive OEMs and agricultural equipment OEMs can identify discrepancies (shorts or overs) between what is supposed to go to the supplier and what actually does, and allows easy tracking of containers and racks against the operating plan.

Working with Carriers

Comprehensive Logistics pre-builds a list of preferred carriers (these can include the customer’s own carriers). As weekly return loads are being processed, we send a request for proposal to the carrier base and select a carrier based on price/service.

Comprehensive Logistics manages the events of the loads and works directly with carriers to correct exceptions. Within the TMS, we can track which containers go to which suppliers, and in what quantity.

More Than Just Container Management

Comprehensive Logistics helps customers optimize their reusable container loops by providing daily inventory counts and exceptions reporting, container-level monitoring, and replenishment and KPI reporting.

Comprehensive Logistics also has processes for introducing new totes and racks when volume at the automotive OEM or agricultural equipment OEM increases.

Comprehensive Logistics visually inspects and routes damaged containers to a non-conformance area; depending on the extent of damage, we will make the necessary repairs on-site.

Comprehensive Logistics will perform manual cleanouts of containers to remove excess packaging and other materials. For extensive interior and exterior cleaning, Comprehensive Logistics deploys simple, manual washing stations as well as validated, fully automated stations.

If totes or racks are lost or damaged, Comprehensive Logistics works with suppliers to bring in the appropriate number of replacements, and outsources with carriers to deliver the new containers.

Comprehensive Logistics treats every container as an integral cog in an efficient supply chain. Whether implemented as part of an integrated solution or as a dedicated stand-alone service, our reusable container management solution provides greater visibility, improves tracking of multiple-vendor containers throughout the network, and ensures adherence to suppliers’ schedules.

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