• Engineered solutions to<br />streamline yard activities

    Engineered solutions to
    streamline yard activities

  • Synchronized YMS,<br />TMS, WMS optimizes<br />material flow

    Synchronized YMS,
    TMS, WMS optimizes
    material flow


Yard Management

It’s situated outside the four walls of a warehouse, a functional holding ground for trailers waiting to make deliveries or for the next assignment.

It is the trailer yard, the conduit between transportation logistics and warehouse management.

Although serving as temporary outdoor storage for incoming inventory, and providing the final step in order processing for all outbound shipments, the yard—a virtual outdoor extension of the warehouse—is critical to the movement of products in the supply chain.

As such, companies see yard management becoming strategically important to the success of their supply chains. However, with this shift a new layer of challenges has emerged: inadequate yard jockey productivity, a lack of visibility and tracking of yard inventory, bottlenecks at the entrance, and excessive paperwork, among them.

Trailers Managed